OPOLAR Hot Air Popcorn Popper Electric Machine

OPOLAR Hot Air Popcorn Popper Electric Machine


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  • 🍿🍿Electric Popcorn Machine for Instant Healthy Popcorn:The OPOLAR Electric popcorn machine is the best-handpicked choice for making popcorn instantly. The unique popper pops up oil-free, tasty, and healthy popcorn within no time while consuming less power. This healthy and non-hazardous popcorn maker is suitable for house parties, occasions also for regular uses.
  • 🍿🍿Efficient Hot Air Swirling Homemade Popcorn Maker:The Latest Popcorn Maker with hot air swirling technology is safe and efficient enough to prepare a lot of instant popcorn any time in minutes whenever you feel small appetite. The hot air technique swirls hot air inside the chamber, and the fast swirling puffs up the kernels fast without losing its savor. The instant popping machine comes along with a lid used as a measuring cup.
  • 🍿🍿The Safety Electric Popcorn Popper:1200 W is 100% heat protective with temperature control that is configured with smart functions. The popper gets auto turn-off while getting overheated or experiencing any other electric faults. The machine is made up of BPA free and shock resistant material including the top removal Multi-utility lid and measuring cup as well. With the resisting capacity up to 266° F temperature, it allows heating to cook whole kernels in the inbuilt chamber.
  • 🍿🍿Cleaning Essentials for Popping Machine: The Cleaning gets much more comfortable with the detachable parts in the popcorn maker that relieves you with easy cleaning tactics also can be placed in the dishwasher. The cleaning can be done in no time and lagging.
  • 🍿🍿Completely BPA free and Approved by FDA: In concern with user's health and wellbeing, the OPOLAR presents a smart and enhanced popcorn popper with unrestricted BPA. The BPA free utility hot air swirling popcorn popper is recommended by FDA. It is the best product of trends in popcorn makers.
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